A Hearts Song

Every now and then, gravity forgets to turn on.

It rarely happens, and only some experience it. Whether we suddenly feel our heart leap out of control, or our stomach begins to float when a special someone smiles our way…

But a hearts song is something different.

Sometimes our hearts sing a song of joy, happiness, or plenitude. At every heartbeat, it pours liquid gold onto those around it, filling the world with glee. Blissful and abundant in smiles, laughs, and chuckles, this heart song easily stays engraved in your memory, as you remember the lyrics and how the melody sounds even during trying times. This song might sound different to everyone, but the feeling is pure.

Sometimes our hearts sing a song of loneliness, longing, or sorrow. This blood-pumping organ begins to feel heavy, as if iron pellets were dragging it down the body. It aches when lips smile, and twists when loud laughs echo through the room. Some may choose to distract this sensation with the dullness of alcohol, drugs, or inflicting even more pain.

Sometimes our hearts sing a song which we do not even know how to describe. It almost feels like a whisper of a song; far away into the distance and almost forgotten. If we hear a familiar lyric, memories and emotions might pool back in; slowly at first, like a tsunami preparing its destruction by slowly pulling back the sea, and then suddenly, unleashing the strength of the waves and ocean onto our faces and body.

A hearts song can easily be ignored or put aside. The sound waves ring through a hollow body that turns a deaf ear. There’s a reason our heart is snuggled between our lungs, smack in the middle. Its sounds reverberate onto the tissue of the lungs, which listen and feel this movement. Our breath often depends on our hearts song. If we feel happy, our melody may be more bright, causing us to sometimes even forget to breathe, choking on our laughs.

Some songs are intricate with complicated feelings intertwined. These might take time to decipher into a melody that makes sense; or maybe it’ll never make sense! Other’s are simpler, like a baby’s laugh, gurgling and drooling joy into our own hearts.

Listen to your hearts song! Don’t turn a blind ear to your sounds, to what your body is singing to you. Sometimes it’ll make you dance until your legs cramp up and your salty sweat drips into your eyelids, blurring your vision.

It’ll make you cry of laughter, as you hold your stomach when it begins to ache.

It’ll make you take deep breathes as you look at the sunset of yet another day, taking in the extravagant orange, red, yellow’s of the sky.

It’ll make you fall in love with the music of your self.

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  1. AC says:

    You have a magical writing! You transported me through the music of your heart! Beautiful beutiful! Loved it

    Liked by 1 person

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