The curiosity of friendship

Friendship is a curious thing.

Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a friend to hold onto.

These friends can be strangers or family members or pets. It doesn’t really matter, as long as understanding and respect are there.

Of course, there’s more complex delicacies between these exchanges of gifts, emotions, moments, memories, etc.

But at the root of it all, friendship can often stumble into your life, sticking for a few weeks, months, years, or, if you’re lucky, a lifetime.

Some friends are humans, while others have furry paws or gills.

Some friends can be a family member, or maybe they can be that curly-haired cashier at your favorite coffee shop.

Some friends turn into lovers.

Some friends were enemies first.

Some grow apart, while others grow closer.

Some friends have been there since your earliest memories.

Others may come towards the end, sweetening life a little more.

Friendships are curious.

Like a dance, we often improvise the sides we show those around us.

Sometimes, that improvisation can blossom into a beautiful, entangling thing.

You begin to explore yourself, your shared ambitions, fears, inside jokes, your futures and pasts.

You learn to forgive, to love, and to let go.

You learn about the power, the strength, and the tug these people have on your heart and mind.

Friendships have the potential to make the day a little brighter when it all seems like a clouded storm.

They have the power to be the shining rays above our heads and the thunderous sea beneath our feet.

So with this I say: hold on tightly to those that matter to you.

They’ll have bad days, you’ll have bad days.

But today, in a society where we have to be ever changing, ever adapting, ever evolving, hold onto those that truly matter in the trail you are walking.

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  1. anne-cecile says:

    thank you very much, it is really beautiful and inspiring


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