Train Station X

Starting anew is an experience few people decide to have. It’s exciting yet terrifying, solitary yet crowded, refreshing yet wearying.

You could say it’s absolutely mad – as a fellow Brit friend would say.

If you decide to take a flight, a walk, a train, a bike, or a car to a new place with new people, new languages, or even an entirely new culture, I applaud you.

I recently found myself on a train, following tracks towards a place, people, and a language I had yet to be familiar with. A sense of bravery overtook my body as I saw the train stops pass by, one by one. As the hills unfolded and rolled through the panoramic window by my seat.

Headphones on, music shuffling, and a hot cup of tea in hand, I was at peace to continue these tracks towards the odyssey awaiting me.

I saw families, young adults, elderly couples, a sleepy labrador, and countless suitcases pass by each train stop. I smelled coffee, hand sanitizer, and a faint floral perfume. I felt the plastic foldable table in front of me, placed my book and began passing the pages. The gentle hum of the train lulled my thoughts.

As the hours ticked by, a voice boomed to announce the following stop. My station was next.

Once the travelling is done, the next part is settling in. It can be difficult and long to find your place. Take your time finding the right place, the right people, the right environment.

But don’t worry, you’ll find it sooner than you think, and once you do, a home begins to form.

The foundations are laid out and people you meet along the way will help you build the walls. It’s up to you to maintain this new home clean, healthy, and welcoming for yourself and others.

I crave the adrenaline of not knowing what comes next, of being able to answer “I guess I’ll see when I get there”, of being able to enjoy a sunset knowing that no other day will be the same.

So with this I say…

Fellow adventurers, keep sharing your stories.

Fellow adventurers, keep sharing your fears.

Fellow adventurers, keep sharing your bravery.

Fellow adventurers, keep exploring mountains, oceans, religions, faces, but most importantly, yourself. The most beautiful things to witness from a travel are often invisible; your dreams, frustrations, joys, growth, and evolution.

That is why we travel.

That is why we start anew.

That is why we get off at a train stop, in a train station we have never been before, with our life in a suitcase and entirely in our hands.

Go pick your next train station fellow adventurers.

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