A Bartender’s Secret

Have you ever felt how at-home bartenders can make you feel? How easily you can open up to them as they’re drying gasses or serving drinks to other strangers?

I’m sure at least one bartender or server has charmed you or a friend some day, for no particular reason that you could accurately pinpoint.

Well, some bartenders have secrets.

Some make deals with the darkness so they can continue to serve and charm strangers every night, only to start again the next evening.

Like dark clouds, they float above mild conversations and awkward ice-breakers they hear by the bar, only to relish in the beauty and flickering lives humans lead.

I think their charm is often found in their gaze.

They way the know when you’ve had too much even if you look okay, or if you’ve had too little even though your days have been darker than usual lately.

They know if there is a reason to celebrate because she said yes!

They clean and make their bar be kept tidy, but not too tidy; organized, but not too organized; loud, but not too loud; homely, but not too homely.

They are aware of everything that is going on, from the quietest whisper to the loudest yell in the room. They are referees and judges and listeners and lovers. They can be anyone we desire them to be.

You could say that we often see them as blank slates, while they see us in our entirety – they’ve seen us joyful, sad, singing, laughing, crying, upset, and tired, but we only see what they want us to see.

The fact that we are given a place where we can feel so much and at the same time so little, is precious (as Gollum would say).

What I’m talking about is not a concrete place, rather a feeling of safety and openness that can change over time and locations, depending who you’re with or how you’re feeling.

By bar I can mean your best friends house, and by bartender I could even be talking about your dog Steve.

But my bartender bartender has brown, scruffy hair and crisp blue eyes.

My bartender knows his customers well and can lend an attentive ear.

My bartender serves the most perfectly chilled beers you could taste.

But my bartender has a secret. And he was sure he would never tell anyone; at least not until he met her.

Now, everything’s about to change… For better or, maybe, for worse.

So, what’s your bartenders secret?

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